About Us

EDOHAUS™ began as an idea to channel the lifestyle of men into one place. Its sole purpose is to provide concise and quality content on the aspect of Automotive, Culture, Design, Fashion, Food and Travel. If you are looking for beautiful and sexy women, please look elsewhere.



Ed Lim
The Founder

A man whose passion for automotive started back in the early 1990’s. Having driven and worked with a wide range of cars from Japanese cheap, on-the-go hatchbacks, German auto saloons to Italian supercars, his other hobbies involve photography, gadgets, design and all things minimalist. At present, he’s studying Organisational Analysis and Big Data.




Ernie Lim
The Stylist

Began his career in culinary arts, and expanded his expertise on clothing and fashion. His quirky attitude and distinct clothing is highly regarded amongst his peers. He used to work as a stylist, and one of the founders and current Marketing Director of Pulse Patisserie in Singapore.



The Butler /ˈbʌtlə(r)/

The chief manservant at EDOHAUS, in charge of delivering posts and updates necessary to keep the whole operation in tip-top shape.