The Pursuit for Speed – Why the McLaren F1 still Reigns Supreme

McLaren F1

Words by Eduardo Lim, Creative Director, EDOHAUS


These days, seeing a supercar is now a natural occurrence. Back in the 90s though, things were a bit different. Considering the supercar category started in the late 60s, only a handful of manufacturers make them, and seeing one in person is like seeing a unicorn.


One such unicorn is the McLaren F1. Conceived on an idea of creating the ultimate road legal sports car, McLaren’s team of engineers and designers used their formula one technical expertise and apply it to this colossal project. This all happened when McLaren Formula 1 was at the peak of their game.


There were quite a few milestones attained by the McLaren F1 but one that stood the most was its top speed. A world record of 243 mph (391 km/h) in a naturally aspirated BMW V12 engine and was only beaten by the arrival of the Bugatti Veyron in 2005. However, it still holds the title of the fastest and most powerful naturally aspirated production car.


While other supercars such as the F50, Diablo, and EB110, stayed in the 1990s, the design of the McLaren F1 still doesn’t look as dated and can hold its own with the more modern P1, 918 and LaFerrari.

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