Huge Moto’s New Concept for a Dedicated Cafe Racer – MONO RACR


Source: Bike EXIF
Photos: Huge Moto


Café Racers are notoriously modified to go fast while still looking good. The blokes at Huge Moto knew this and made an easy-to-install kit for the Honda CBR1000RR. Now though, they’ve taken a step further by designing a concept motorcycle from scratch. They’ve named it MONO RACR.


The concept was started on a Honda 4-cylinder 1000cc motor and from there, branched out its mono-form carbon fibre construction.


“In terms of the industrial design process, I would say that this is at the stage of a refined concept, taken to about eighty percent real.”

—Bill Webb


The design is reminiscent of retro-modern feel, and comes out as one of the most exciting lines to come across on a motorcycle.


Full Interview from Bike EXIF

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