A Style Defined by Industrial Modernism: Moto Adonis XV750

Moto Adonis Yamaha XV750

© Mark Meisner

Words by Eduardo Lim, Creative Director, EDOHAUS
Source: BikeExif
Photos by Mark Meisner



The beauty of custom work is that there’s none like it. It is truly made to your own liking. While diehard riders can argue it is bastardising the already beautifully crafted silhouette, others beg to differ. A 27-yr old man from Holland named Daan Borsje of Moto Adonis fabricated his own version of the Yamaha Virago XV750. Trust me, it doesn’t look anything like the original.


Parts from Yamaha YZF R1 were used for the front-end, while the clip-on came from Kawasaki Ninja. Benelli supplied the tank, a perfect combination for a Virago frame. Tuck under the black leather-seat is a box that stores its electronics. Some of its modern touches include LED taillight, keyless ignition, blinkers, and a circular Koso speedo set.


Borsje didn’t take any shortcuts either for the exhausts. Instead of directing the pipes downward, he designed it so that it slithers through the side, creating a boxy outline complementing the V-twin engine.


Full feature by BikeExif.

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