Stay Hydrated with Memobottle as your Everyday Carry


With strengthened campaign to reduce green house gases, it is not surprising that oil is the primary target. Plastic is a by-product of petroleum and it is non-biodegradable per se. We can’t avoid using plastic, but we can minimise this by using it longer. 50% of the plastic we use ends up being thrown away with just one use and one of these products is the innocent looking disposable bottled water. Memobottle decides to change that by introducing a flat-designed water bottle, resembling the size of paper for easy storage in your bag.


Bringing your own water bottle not only reduces the use of plastic but also easy on your pockets. Made from BPA-free, durable plastic, this memobottle is leak and freezer proof. Perfect for people on the go and those wanting a minimalist item for daily use. Not to be used with carbonated drinks or hot liquids.


The memobottle is available in A5 and A6 size, with 750ml and 375ml capacity respectively.


Memobottle A5 $27.00 and A6 $24.00.


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