Olight S1 Baton

Olight S1 Baton

If there’s one torch you should include on your everyday carry, it’ll be the Olight S1 Baton. It features a Cree XM-L2 CW LED that goes for 500 lumens, in layman’s term: very bright. The S1 Baton uses 1x CR123A battery for long usage while maintaining a small form factor. It has nonintrusive side switch to avoid accidental operation and a magnetic tail cap for nights when you need to free your hands.


Thermal monitoring system is also present to protect itself from overheat by dropping to 50% brightness after 1 minute of continued use on max beam, while its enclosure is waterproof rated IPX8.


Grab your Olight S1 Baton on Amazon $49.95

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