Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

Dyson Pure Cool Air Link

With rapid industrial development comes the sacrifice of air quality. Take Beijing City for example, you can hardly see more than a kilometre due to smog. To put things in perspective, try cleaning your air-conditioning filter. Chances are you know how filthy those filters can get. Now, imagine you’ve been breathing the same air. Scary isn’t it?


To fight out these nasty particles, Dyson made Pure Cool Link: a purifying fan that eliminates 99.97% of tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns. A single hair strand is 100 microns thick, so it filtrates those invisible from our naked eyes.


Standing on a letter size paper, the Dyson Pure Cool Link offers a small footprint but covers a wide area.


Air quality is constantly monitored and delivered the report through your smart phone. You can also set it in auto mode and it’ll automatically adjust its settings to meet the required air quality. Remote control is magnetised so that it can comfortably sit on top for easy access. In night mode, it sets itself to the quietest setting while also dimming the LED display.


Dyson Pure Cool Link is available in Silver and Blue on Amazon $499.99