Café Racer: Two Versions of BMW K100

BMW K100

Photos by Philipp Wulk

In the world of urban motorbikes, there exist two divisions. The purists who cruise with their Harleys, and the café racers that customise their rides to make it light, nimble and quick.

What you see here is the work of Philipp Wulk and his good friend Matthias Pittner. Philipp himself said the K100 isn’t a popular choice amongst café racers due to its unflattering lines but Matthias convinced him otherwise. The duo then picked two artists: Fabian Gatermann and Matthias Edlinger, to render two different looks.

“We did not tell them what we wanted or expected from them,” says Philipp, “we just let them do what they felt was right.”

The result is a jaw-dropping artwork that looks modern but also pays homage to the 80s when the K100 was first launched.

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