The All-Powerful SONOS PLAY:5


Photos by SONOS

One of the things you’d encounter when buying a simple sound system is the myriad of choices in the market. Each one is vying for your attention. SONOS is one of these brands.w

Their PLAY:5 is equipped with six speakers with six individual drivers, delivering rich and vibrant sound on any type of genre you listen to. Simply connect it to your router and stream music through more than 100,000 free radio stations and podcasts. Or let your computer or smart phone do the streaming.

The beauty of SONOS products is its capability to connect with each other. Add another Play:5, a PLAYBAR and a SUB to complete a 5.1 home theatre setup.

Analogs aren’t left behind as it also has 3.5mm audio line-in for CD or MP3 players.


Purchase SONOS PLAY:5 at Amazon $499.

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