Clic – The Magnetic Tray Shelf


Clic – The Magnetic Tray Shelf

Valet tray is a good choice to hold your keys, simple and portable. However, we’ve found another ingenious item—the Clic.




Hand made in France, the Clic is a wooden board that can house your bluetooth headset, spare change and other tiny techy-toys. It is made from French ash wood (PEFC), carefully hollowed and varnished by French craftsmen. Since no two woods are the same in patterns and coloration, each board is uniquely finished. Strong magnets are housed inside the hollowed board, thus creating an illusion of magic. The name originated from the sound it makes when your key chain gets pulled by the magnets, creating a ‘click’ sound.

  • Board: Varnished ash 55 × 8 × 3,6 cm with embedded magnets
  • Hardware wall mounts included.
  • Price: $41.92
  • Made in France. Made to order

Get yours here.


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  1. How much weight can the magnet hold? I wonder if I can also stick my electronic car key there…

    • While the maker didn’t post how heavy the strong magnets can hold, I’m fairly sure it can for normal car keys. Also, magnets won’t damage the electronics (anti-theft) according to this.

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