Modern 60’s Formula One, The F1-67



Do you enjoy the things from the past? 1960’s perhaps? Are you James May? Then this car might be of interest to you. No, we are not talking about some silly old crappy car; we’re talking about a modern rendition of a 60’s Formula One car.

 Maserati 250F

Maserati 250F

Back in the 1950’s, when Juan Manuel Fangio was a dominant force, he was driving a front-engine gigantic V12, like the Maserati 250F for example. Lotus, under the leadership of Colin Chapman, reintroduced the mid-engine car and bigger engines. This proved to be a well-crafted formula that pushed Jim Clark to the Podium in 1963 and 1965.


 Lotus 33

Lotus 33


It was an era wherein cars fly off the ground, no aerodynamics, no traction control, and no slicks, just pure, raw racing machines. It was also the most dangerous era in motorsports history. Don’t believe me? Ask Jackie Stewart.

1970’s saw a lot of changes in Formula One, and the introduction of aerodynamicists came into picture. Formula One was never the same again.


_DS36583  F1-67


Which leads us to this chap, Ian Gray, the designer and manufacturer of the F1-67.

Herald as the last car to not receive the mandatory aerodynamics to compete effectively, Gray set out to recreate this piece of art so that the majority can also enjoy it.


“It came about because I always liked that era of race cars and I didn’t have the million dollars you need for an original,”—Ian Gray


The chassis was made of stronger, thick tubing that provides a stiffer, more robust body. Gray also made the car 15% bigger than its 1960’s F1 cousins to accommodate taller people.


As for power, he opted for a 5.3L Chevy LS V8 engine with Weber 48IDA carburetors that roughly boasts 320bhp. This power goes through a ZF 5-Speed transmission. It is indeed easy to put a more powerful engine but considering the weight of 650kg, it won’t be drivable for a normal bloke.

“I wouldn’t build it. It would be too dangerous. You would start killing people fairly regularly if you did that. If you look at the power-to-weight ratios, you have to be reasonably sensible. People always think they want 500hp in anything if they could have, but it would be irresponsible to do that. For the track day market, 300hp is controllable, manageable and it’s not going to spit you into the wall the moment you touch the throttle.”—Ian Gray



The F1-67 runs on 15×8 inch wheels at the front and 15×10 at the rear that are wrapped with fatty Dunlop CR65 tyres.





Overall, the F1-67 is a gorgeously looking racecar and delivers the F1 feel back in the heydays of Stirling Moss, or Manuel Fangio without the worries of reliability and safety. As the styling of the original F1 car lasted only for two years (1966-1967), this is a great chance of owning a piece of history but without the cost of a limp and a kidney on your part.




Price starts at £45,000 or roughly $72,500.

Photo Courtesy of Ian Gray of F1-67

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