Being a guy who likes anything with wheels on it, I purchased a Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike that I can use to go in and around the city I live in. Well, that’s not just the case; other friends of mine are into bike-craze as of late. Mountain bikes, foldable bikes, and even the colorful fixie (fixed-gear bicycle), you name it.

Although driving a car sure is fun, and effortless, it doesn’t provide close contact with your environment, or what you’d call exposure to the elements. Here are some of the listed benefits of cycling.

Dahon D7 Small

1. Cycling is a simple exercise.

True, we see a lot of ladies and gents who are health conscious; they go to the gym, do some lifts, jog on treadmills, or even do some cycling on a stationary bicycle. The fact is you need to pay a premium to use all the facilities. Not only that, you need to drag yourself to the gym. How many times have you denied yourself a good stretching just because the gym is a few miles away?

Imagine yourself, you need to buy some fruits at your local grocery store, you suit up, took your bicycle out for a spin. Yes, you travel from point A to point B but you do it with exercise. While other sports and recreation demand practice and skill, cycling, once learned, you will never forget.

2. Cycling strengthen cardiovascular system, increases your stamina

In this day and age where people go to work, sit on their office chair for a good 7-8 hours each day. It may not look harmful but it can lead to a lot of diseases, and problems. Believe it or not, sitting kills.

Cycling reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by improving the blood flow in your body. Heart, like all the muscles in our body, needs exercise in order to perform in tiptop shape. Cycling allows the heart to flex further that normal, giving a faster and stronger pumping action.


3. Cycling reduces air pollution.

In today’s modern world, people are increasingly becoming aware of global warming and ecomentalists will cut you in half if you didn’t do your share of environmental protection. Riding your bicycle produces only one emission; sweat.

4. Cycling lengthens your lifespan

The idea of eternal life has always baffled the minds of humans; from emperors, to witches, even to a chap named John. Researchers have argued that cycling increases the lifespan to as much as 14 months. For a dog, that’s equivalent 15 human years!


5. Cycling keeps weight at bay.

For those people who can’t give up meat and cheese, cycling jacks up your metabolisms, burning those unwanted fats even after the cycling is over.


6. Cycling takes you closer to nature.

Driving a car gives you the pleasure of cruising effortlessly while being cocooned in a shell. You don’t feel the wind blowing down your face, or the smell of the ocean as you pass by.

Cycling gives you a close contact with nature. Getting sunshine during the sunrise, cruise along the mountain roads; smelling the fresh breeze of the morning, feeling each bumps and cracks of the terrain, it’s all there. And the experience doesn’t stop there; you can stop whenever and wherever you like.

7. Cycling keeps you refreshed.

If you are a photographer/graphic designer/writer or anything that demands creativity and brainpower, chances are, you find yourself running out of juice by the end of the week. A good cycling through the bay area, keeps you fresh, minimize stress, enhance mental health and spiritual being.

As easy as it seems, you shouldn’t take cycling for granted. Proper equipment such as warning lights, reflectors and headgear are a must.  Don’t forget to rehydrate yourself with water and stopping every once in a while. Good health doesn’t need to be expensive, cycling can be integrated to your daily living without even taking much of your time, and perhaps space too. Dahon provides good and reliable foldable bicycles for people who live in tight spaces. No more excuses for not purchasing a bicycle!

Don’t wait! Start now!

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