Most of us keep a mile list of songs that grow over the years. You can’t help it because most of us can’t live without music. The moment you step outside of your house, earplugs pop in and it’s just you and your music. You feel stark naked without your iPod and music. A train ride seems longer without it and a walk can never be a strut without that thump-a-thump inside your ear. As Fatboy slim puts it, “walking without rhythm it won’t attract the worm”.

A couple of months ago, I got a message from my beloved sister requesting me to accompany her to get her eyebrows done. And mind you, this was not just your regular trip to the salon to get your threading or feather plucking on, this was rather a thousand bucks worth of plucking and tattooing to shape your eyebrows to a new you. Yes. Thousand bucks. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Browhaus. We went to the one in Dempsey Road. The whole ordeal lasted for an hour and a half, which made me really crazy. Lucky me, I spotted a lounge area where another shop (Forgot the name, shoot me) sells simple and yet shabby notebooks and what not. Browsing through the shelves and cd’s placed randomly all over the area, at the corner of my eye I saw this overused discman hanging in one crampy nook. I know, a discman. Hoorah for the 90’s. So I aimlessly snatched a cd that seemed interesting enough to my jaded eyes. Open the discman. Pop in the cd. Headphones on. Bliss.

Still Night, Still Light is the latest album by Au Revoir Simone and was released back in 2009. A band created from a humble train ride home between two artists and later on a trio. Unlike mainstream music nowadays, where you got all the artists singing about sex and totally corrupting women in my opinion, Au Revoir Simone comes into the game with a refreshing sound and light. An all electronic keyboard band that is juxtaposed with tender heartbeat drums, giving you this dreamy-pop synth sound that makes you want to just lie in bed and gaze at the lazy ceiling all day. Their music has this soft persistent force that dips you into trance as they wrap their ethereal voices around you.

Notable tracks are Take me as I am and All or Nothing which I find really honest and sincere.

[haiku url="" title="Take Me as I Am"]

Take Me as I Am by Au Revoir Simone

[haiku url="" title="All or Nothing"]

All or Nothing by Au Revoir Simone

This is the kind of music that you fall in love to or like me, listen in a gloomy windy day after being so depressed about life. Yes, this will make you feel better. It’s like a magic pill, that transports you to the land of unicorns and fat fairies. It’s that good. Warm, organic music that is Au natural.

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