The Porsche Design DNA

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The Porsche Design DNA By Ed Lim       Porsche are notoriously lazy when it comes to design and for a good reason. In this short film, Porsche describes its distinctive lines that separate it from other car companies. And while majority of their models are mouth-wateringly beautiful to look at, we still maintain our view that the Panamera … Read More



Ernie Lim for DR. MARTENS × SHENTONISTA — Fine & Dandy By Ed Lim Between Ernie and me, I know he’s way ahead when it comes to clothes and to a good extent. He’s working for Singaporean bespoke tailoring PIMABS. And for this feature, UK footwear brand Dr. Martens teamed up with SHENTONISTA to push for its #standforsomething campaign. Our … Read More

How to Pack for a Business Trip


How to Pack on a Business Trip By Ed Lim       Traveling is fun and exciting – that is when you’re on holiday of course. But, if you’re going on a business trip, packing can be a bit different than the usual. Usual business trip on average goes for three to four days. So here are our lists … Read More

Bugatti Gangloff Concept


Bugatti Gangloff Concept By Ed Lim     Remember the day when Bugatti launched the very first 1000 bhp road legal car? That was ten years ago and if you’ve been keen on the news, they are writing the Veyron off and the last one is fittingly called the La Finale.   The Bugatti Veyron sets a lot of incredible … Read More

How Did Top Gear Become the Best?

Top Gear

How Did Top Gear Become the Best? By Ed Lim   Photo: Kent Film Office   It comes as no coincidence that Top Gear UK ranks amongst the best show on the planet. With an estimated 350 million viewers, Top Gear transformed a lacklustre automotive show that began in the late 70s’ into a full blown out-of-proportion Sunday entertainment.   … Read More

Get Out of Town: Beach Life

2(X)IST Starfish Hampton Board Short

Get Out of Town: Beach Life By Ed Lim   Featuring some of the flashy colors, vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns of 2(x)ist Swim, the 1950s’ theme using modern fabrics of Mr. Swim and solid and print patterned trunks by Trunks Swim. Take a few pair of these ready to wear beach essentials all for sunny-weather getaway. Price starts at … Read More

The Sneaker Collector by Mr Porter

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The Sneaker Collector by Mr Porter written by Ed Lim       Each one of us is mad about something. Some collect stamps, others currency, for Mr. Sean Conway, it’s the sneakers that ticks. Having more than 400 pairs in his arsenal, you’d bet he got some of some of the most sought after sneakers. Included of course are … Read More

Four Reasons Not to Buy an Apple Watch

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Four Reasons Not to Buy an Apple Watch By Ed Lim   Over the course of owning an Apple product, I’ve found that using it genuinely makes the experience great. The advent of the iPod was a good example example; a small device that liberated us from the limitations of a compact disc. The iPad that I praised profusely for … Read More

Designer Bags Feat. S.T. Dupont

Montblanc Meisterstuck Sel Double Gusset Briefcase

Designer Bags Feat. S.T. Dupont By Ed Lim     Founded in late 19th century, S.T. Dupont is renowned for its luxury items and accessories. In line with this is a series of high-end lighters, handbags, pens, wallets, watches and fragrances. Together with S.T. Dupont, we present to you a collection of luxury briefcase, carryall, messenger bags, and many more. … Read More