What is your Everyday Carry?


What is your Everyday Carry? Words by Ed Lim     Everyday, we carry items in our pockets. You probably think don’t much emphasis on it but in fact, you unconsciously do. A great example is your phone; you feel naked without it. I stumbled upon a site called Everyday Carry that showcase the items carried by people around the … Read More

Furniture Feature: Industrial

Modway Grasp Wood Top Coffee Table, Black

Furniture Feature: Industrial Words by Ed Lim   Personal space can only be personal if it is being accentuated by your own taste. For today, we are featuring some of the best industrial style furniture you can add to your bachelor pad. Rustic wood or cool metal finishes that can be a central piece that exudes your own distinctive style. … Read More

PhunkeeTree Travel Accessories Under $39


PhunkeeTree Travel Accessories Under $39 Words by Ed Lim     Whether you’re on a business trip or taking a tranquil vacation on Malibu beach, gadgets are an essential we can’t live without. Standout from the rest with PhunkeeTree wide selection of USB chargers, keychain speakers and powerbanks. No more running out-of-juice while you’re away.   PhunkeeTree iPhone Chargers Personalize … Read More

Spring Styles by GANT Rugger


Spring Styles by GANT Rugger Words by Ed Lim     Spring and summer staple wardrobe for men includes button-ups, polos, shorts, tees and pants. GANT Rugger presents a selection of menswear clothes that can be considered as building blocks of casual clothes.                                   … Read More

The Vicious Cycle


The Vicious Cycle Words by Ed Lim   South African bicycle frame-builder Duncan MacIntyre was summoned out of retirement and collaborated with Anton Dekker – an acclaimed carbon fibre composite wizard who’s clients include, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. The by-product of this synthesis is a bicycle named The Vicious Cycle.       The frame is made from Reynolds 653 … Read More

How the Economic Machine Works

How Economy Works by Ray Dalio

How the Economic Machine Works Words by Ed Lim         The economy. It is the lifeblood of any businesses and labour. People have used barter in order to create a cycle or in common terms, a transaction. A simple transaction happens when two parties agree on an exchange of products or services. For example, John wants to … Read More

A First-Rate Shave featuring Merkur


A First-Rate Shave featuring Merkur by Ed Lim   Not all of us are granted with majestic beard. For some, this presents a very big dilemma. You want to let the beard/moustache grow but it isn’t thick enough to achieve a desired effect. Dismayed, you’d prefer shaving it all off rather than looking like you just hit puberty.   Classy … Read More