Tesla Model M Concept


Tesla Model M Concept Words by Ed Lim     Lately, I found myself immersed with motorbikes, more specifically the superbike category. It probably is an obsession of anything with wheels and engineering that tickles my fancy. And while my closest experience of motorcycle comes only with a single speed scooter, I am certainly entertaining the idea of owning a … Read More

Ben Sherman Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook


Ben Sherman Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook         Spring and summer are two seasons for colour and patterns. The combinations that you can make are endless and Ben Sherman clearly knows how to play the game with their latest lookbook.   Rich prints such gingham, floral and interesting geometric shapes with added seasonal bright palettes over tried and … Read More

Travel: New York City


Travel: New York City Words and Photograph by Ed Lim   New York City — known as the Big Apple, a term popularized by the sports editor John J. Fitz Gerald in the 1920s, it is the melting pot of all things that are good and bad. From filmmakers, artists, economics, fashion, world finance, technology, entertainment to commerce, no city … Read More

The Lightweight Lotus 3-Eleven


The Lightweight Lotus 3-Eleven Words by Ed Lim       West Sussex, England—Goodwood Festival of Speed, it is an annual gathering of car fanatics, celebrities and car manufacturers. For many years since 1993, it hosted hill climb event from modern day cars to the classics that can be viewed from the book Goodwood Festival of Speed: A Celebration of Motorsport. … Read More

The Porsche 918 Spyder


The Porsche 918 Spyder Words by Ed Lim     Over the years, cars have been at the centre of ecomentalists’ drive to cut carbon emissions. After all, these vehicles are seen drinking petrol and emitting greenhouse gases. Not the kind of publicity you’d want in today’s climate conditions. But, despite all that, change is coming its way as car … Read More

Hed Kandi Tropical House by Various Artists


Hed Kandi Tropical House by Various Artists Words by Ed Lim     Every summer, we get to feature new Beach House album from Hed Kandi. This year however, it is overshadowed by the arrival of Tropical House—a collection of various artists from the likes of Lana del Ray, Kygo, Avicii, Novo Amor, Carl Hanaghan, Seinabo Sey, Felix Letter, Lucas … Read More

Pepper: The First Humanoid Robot to Live with Humans


Pepper: The First Humanoid Robot to Live with Humans Words by Ed Lim         The dream of owning your very own interactive robot is about to become a reality for most of us. It started with SONY’s AIBO—an interactive robotic dog and QRIO, then we have Honda’s ASIMO. This time however, SoftBank is planning to commercially spread … Read More

Five Summer Essentials for Men

Quiksilver Everyday Printed Shirt

Five Summer Essentials for Men Words by Ed Lim     Each summer, you and I get to wear less fabric and more skin but that doesn’t mean less stylish. In fact, if you know the basics, the combinations you can muster are a lot. Showcasing some of our most dazzling colored clothes and pompous accessories, just don’t go overboard. … Read More